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5th of July, 2008 | 12:18 a.m.

There is a boy who loves what I do and thinks I should do it forever. I wonder if I would get bored. Some people say they would, but I don't believe I would get bored of forever.

I imagine that if you'd lived for so long, after a while you would forget stuff and could do it all over again as if it were new. I've replayed FF7 many times over the course of however long I've had it (9 or so years... which would be nothing in comparison), and each time I find I've forgotten vast amounts of the story.

Not that it makes any sense anyway, and what's with all the tissues I've been collecting? Are they for the death scene? What purpose do they serve?? And those 1/35 (what?) soldiers? Sweeping brush? ANSWER ME SQUARE.