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24th of November, 2016 | 11:10 p.m.

I dreamt about an ex recently, which had me thinking of Diaryland again.

Also, someone I met on here is coming to the UK next year and we're going to meet up. That's six people from Diaryland I have met and either been to visit, or had visit me. Four of them from America. I'm still in contact with almost all of them, send letters and gifts, talk on Facebook, and they were all my main friends on here, but still I keep missing something.

It's nice to be writing something. I stopped writing on a regular basis some years ago. No one was using the same sites any more, and I don't like the feel of Facebook very much. It's not a place for writing, for me. The internet became a place where all the people I used to come online to get away from were now hanging out on also. I rarely come online anymore except for work, and to do a daily catch up with far off friends. I paint, I read, I explore the woods with my dogs, I cook, bake with my nieces, game. I find I'm a lot happier doing so. But still...

I started to think about stories instead. I've made notes, written down ideas and pieces of dialogue, but nothing substantial.

I'm pretty tired though. It's been nice, Diaryland. we should do this again sometime. I'll bring freshly baked bread.