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18th of June, 2005 | 11:13 p.m.

Now, whenever I say "You remind me of the babe", there is silence.

Bells For Her has this sound, it's the sort of song I could sit here slowly feeling myself going crazy to. It's all very blank stare crazy girl window. I don't even like this song unless it's live. Then it's the sound of women shouting across the mountains. Songs give me visions. I paint them. If I didn't paint I would become a music video making person.

Maybe I'll never get away from people telling me "China" makes them think of me. Maybe I'll melt, it's so hot in here. I want to paint, but I fear if I were to squeeze paint out of the tube it would dry instantly and I would be left with a lot of strangely coloured worms. If I wanted worms I would buy worms or go and kiss some dogs, but no, I want delicious paint which frustrates me so. Watch as I hurl the canvas far away.