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19th of October, 2009 | 10:54 a.m.

I miss having a place I go to to write about what I did that day, even if it wasn't very much, or complain about minor things. Livejournal has never felt like a place I can do that.

Maybe it's the name. Diaryland sounds like a place of diaries, and diaries are for indulgent, seemingly pointless babble. The word journal has other connotations for me, which affects how I feel when writing there. I'm highly suggestible like that. Maybe it's just me. These things are always just me, except for when they're not.


Today I woke up at quarter part 5, tired even though I went to bed stupidly early. Then I went to work and was ANGRY. It was fun but not really. Then I went to the shop and bought a pain au chocolat. Then I came home. Then I ate my pain au chocolat. Now I'm here.