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2000-12-28 | 12:45pm

Cavorting around like I know what's going on.

Today I was walking around the snow filled field with a scalf round my head like a hood, it was great and I felt like a character out of some amazing fantasy tale.

I get the same effect if I run really fast up the stairs in my dressing gown.

I am a Mighty Sorceress, feel my POWERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

Mini cheddars aren't so mini, and not enough cheese.

My cup has a ring of green where I've been drinking, yet further proof that I am in fact an alien.

It's strange how we always feel this need, it's part of the human nature to have this pull, this need and it manifests itself in the strangest of ways.

I remember one time there was this woman at the bus stop and she was scratching her head, I asked her why.

"Because the rain only falls on a Tuesday"

Good answer.

I then went back to building my go kart.