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12th of May, 2022 | 9:01 p.m.

Hocus pocus. Some kind of song. Some kind of wish. It reminds me of that boy I once knew, but doesn't everything? Everything reminds me of something and then suddenly it's five hours later and I haven't even started painting yet.

I have been painting today though; I've just finished for the night. It's a moon lady, of course. Everything I paint is a moon lady, but they say you should write (paint) what you know, and what I know is the lady in the moon. She's grand.

While I paint I like to have films, documentaries or a TV series on in the background. I started to watch some series on Netflix today and now Nick Robinson is my secret boyfriend - the American actor, not the British journalist, who I mistook for John Sweeney. He shouted at a Scientologist once, it was a strange time.