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18th of January, 2021 | 5:24 p.m.

My friend Rachael died just over a week ago. I referred to her on here as Steve, and when I found out the emotional triggers that cause the Diaryland call were set in place.

I don't really know what to say though. That's how it goes. I'm called here and I never know what to say. She was my best friend through secondary school and sixth form. We stayed in touch when she moved off to university and later to live in Germany. We met up again when she moved back and it was always like no time had passed at all. She was the funniest person I've ever met but it was that private kind of funny. She was never going to start filling comedy shows but whenever we were together we'd play off of each other and both end up creased up crying with laughter, unable to breathe. Our friends would lovingly leave us in a corner by ourselves when we had a meet up; they didn't have the key to get in.

Her mum liked me and was always kind when my other friend's parents often considered me to be a lost cause because of what was happening at home, but she was always lovely, and now her only child is gone and that's probably the worst thing about it all.

I'm sorry I hadn't been in touch more the past few years. I'll miss you, I'll miss fun with foil, and I'll never pay more than £5 for a Christmas angel.