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2nd of March, 2007 | 9:55 p.m.

I think I need to read more often. Books. I read a lot of things, but not many books. I used to. Words used to be my things. Now they run away and hide, possibly in a smelly cave. Not a bad smell, necessarily, but a smell nontheless. I ramble incoherently most of the time, when I can even get words out. It's like a bottle neck situation. Someone speaks to me, and all the words which were swirling around decide they all want to get out at the same time. They get crammed in at the exit, squashing each other, until a few words, or bits of words, pop out. They are part of a sentence I want to say, but not in the right order, or parts of one word get mixed up with another.

Now it's all about the VISUALS. I just draw pictures of noodles, boats, and leaves, then point to them. *points*

I drew the noodle and gave it to him. I drew him and gave it to him. I drew things in my book and let him look at those. Those were okay. They made sense. But now he wants to see my words, and there I feel I fail. I wrote something in his book, which sounded stupid. I wrote him a letter which was even worse. I gave him some words for Christmas, which make me cringe a little when I think about them. He thought they were pretty, though.

Oh, I am silly. Yes.