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12th of November, 2008 | 12:07 p.m.

So I remember back in the day before the internet, when I would sit around listening to the radio in the hope some song I liked would come on so I could record it. I probably should have brought snacks. Maybe some M&M's. I don't even like M&M's, except the peanut ones kind of.

But this isn't about peanuts. It's about those annoying presenters who would start talking over the end of the song, at which point I would quickly stop recording. But there would still be a couple of seconds of the presenter left over.

Now, years later, whenever I hear those songs, at the end I always get the urge to shout things like "So I was in a restaurant with George Michael" or "Leave your boobs alone!". One time I did that and got into a fight. I didn't really, but it was like that time when I decided to start recording myself singing the end of the songs instead, over the chattering. Because that sounded so much better.