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8th of June, 2005 | 9:40 p.m.

I find myself wanting to create my own paints and painting surfaces. I also want to make an oven. A house. Fabric. Clothes. Tools.

I look at the things I have and I want to make them myself. Partly just to see if I can do it, partly because I like to see how things work and are put together. Those are not the main reasons, though.

People are being confusing again. Just because a person does not have the mad art skills, how does this make them any less able to critique someone elses work? Saying things like "What would you know? Your own drawings look like stick figures" is stupid. These people have eyes, just because they can't draw a person anatomically correct, it doesn't mean they can't see when others have failed to do this too and point it out. They can still have their own ideas about use of colour, composition and all that nonsense, even if they currently lack the skills to put those ideas into practice the way they would like.

Piecing a potion to combat your poison indeed.