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2nd of September, 2006 | 11:44 p.m.

53 days since I updated? Hmm. Never mind the dancing, something else that happens every time I come here is I say to myself that I will write in here more often. Blliud;i/dijhkd;. Every time I type something my head says no. Actually no, it does not say anything, I just get a weird feeling of pressure that does not go away until I type something my head likes.

It's like when I am flicking light switches on and off, or any other compulsion I get. Sometimes it needs to be a certain number for the anxious feeling to go away, and sometimes it just needs to feel right. I think that's the worst because sometimes that can go on for ages. Until something feels right then the anxiety stays and I feel the need to keep doing it.

I'm so tired. But my feet don't hurt. I bought some cushioned sole things to put inside my shoes. I did not buy anything from the shop which had a dead insect on its food. I am a smart shopper. Or not. I bought a ruler for 6.95. What is so special about it that makes it costs so much I do not know. It was the only shop I could find that sold 60cm rulers, and I'm supposed to have it for Monday.

I start college on Monday.