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21st of April, 2007 | 12:38 a.m.

Stupid stuff which annoys me for no good reason:

When two people are hugging and the shorter person stands on tip toes and tries to hug the taller person around the neck, instead of around the waist/upper back. Actually, this only annoys me when people do it to me because it drags me down and makes me hunch over, hurts my neck and my back, and often renders my arms immobile because the shorter person can't quite manage to reach the neck. So, really, it's not even a hug. It's me stood there with a person hanging off my neck/shoulders. If I started to spin around that could be a riot. Possible animation idea. Eh wot?

I hate awkward hugging because it seems like such a waste. When someone approaches you for the hugging glory it's supposed to be a nice feeling, something comforting and cosy. BUT NO. Instead, it's like someone threw a sack of potatoes around my neck, which I suppose might be fun under other circumstances and is probably featured in the Guinness Book of Records somewhere, along with other such worthwhile pursuits, like typing the most books backwards.

In other news, today is not my birthday.