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20th of September, 2017 | 12:25 p.m.

So here we are again. You know the place. You know where it usually leads, too. I guess we'll see.

What I missed about this place wasn't just the community, I realised, but the feeling of possibilities, of something completely new opening up to me. This was one of my first places to hang out on the internet, a whole new world to me at the time. Something I had no other framework of reference for. It was exciting and unknown, it brought me in contact with people I would otherwise have never met or had any inkling of.

That's what I have been missing. I realised that when I found it again a few months ago, and felt all those old feelings, and was reminded again of this place. The connection was clear.

A new world has once again been shown to me, with a feeling of possibilities and the unknown. Privet.